Recipes from the “Fiesta Helper”

  • Huevos Rancheros con Chunky Salsa
    Egg-cite your breakfast with our roasted dice green chilies and zippy salsa. Mix in crisp bell peppers for extra vitamins and wake-up to a well-rounded start to your day.
    Makes: 5 servings- 2 tortillas each
  • Fresh n’ Fit Fiesta Dip
    Party people rejoice – we present to you the ultimate appetizer for any festivity. A pop of chili peppers, garlic and paprika in our seasoning creates a tango for your taste buds when blended with some soothing greek yogurt. Top it off with our Thick N' Chunky salsa for a sampler worth celebrating!
    Makes: 6-8 servings
  • Chicken and Black Bean Arugula Wrap
    This portable protein powerhouse with tender chicken and a bite of black beans is a great grab-and-go treat! The extra fiber will keep you full during the busiest of days. For a more sit-down style, serve with a side of our Spanish rice.
    Makes: 5 servings-2 tortillas each
  • Cactus “Nopalitos” Salad
    Never fear the Nopalito! It's firm consistency, similar to a green bean, can withstand even the most intense of dressings – So no soggy salads here! Add a splash of refreshing Naranja Agria Vinaigrette and you're ready for any summer time celebration.
    Makes: 6 servings
  • Ground Beef Enchilada with Lime, Pepita and Jicama Slaw
    Savory beef and creamy cheese makes this dish a sure-fire family favorite. The sassy enchilada sauce brings this meal to a whole new level!
    Makes: 5 servings- 2 tortillas each
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