Organic Enchilada Sauces – Tetra Recart®

Take a walk on the milder side with a combo of organic tomatoes/tomatillos, roasted chiles, and poblanos, with notes of garlic, clove, and cumin. Crafted by our corporate chef, you can slather these sauces on rice or tortillas; blend into broths or soups for an unforgettable flavor!

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Our Organic Enchilada Sauces are certified gluten-free and now available in recyclable packaging!

Tetra Recart® offers a wide variety of benefits such as:


Easy Open and Reclosable Packaging

No sharp edges. Our organic enchilada sauce in Tetra Recart® packaging offers an easy and equipment-free solution to traditional canned sauces. Simply fold and tear – no equipment required!

Made from Recyclable Material

Tetra Recart® packaging is made with 70% renewable resources. Renewable resources are organic and natural resources that can replenish in due time compared to their usage. This occurs through biological reproduction or naturally recurring processes.



Due to its compact nature, our Tetra Recart® enchilada sauces take up 30% less space on your shelf.

Tetra Recart® — “It’s hip to eat square!”

La Preferida is proud to be featuring our products in Tetra Recart® – the future of sustainable packaging. As our company continues to evolve, we want to provide our customers with items that align with their lifestyles. Our mission will always remain to provide authentic Mexican ingredients you can trust.

Green Enchilada Sauce Recipes

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