Mexican Style Hominy – Foodservice

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Mexican Style Hominy – Foodservice Nutritional Info
Schools, cafeterias, work events, parties- any large function can benefit from La Preferida's Mexican-Style hominy. Infuse soups and stews with the satisfying, nutty essence of our hominy. A combination of dried corn soaked in water, salt, and lime to create plump sponge-like kernels ready to soak up the flavor of your favorite dish. PRODUCT SPECS Container size: 6lb 12oz (108 oz) / 3.06kg Serving size: 1/2 cup (130g) Yield: 25
  • NATURALLY NUTTY FLAVOR Our Mexican-Style Hominy is made with a combination of corn kernels that have been soaked in water, lime, and salt to bring out their natural flavor.
  • VERSATILE PRODUCT These plump kernels are an excellent addition to soups and stews (like Menudo or Pozole) or thicken-up casseroles.
  • CONSCIOUS PACKAGING Our cans are made with BPA-free lining
  • KOSHERDIRECTIONS To serve: Drain and rinse hominy. Use to make hearty soups and stews like traditional Mexican menudo and pozole.