Organic Red Enchilada Sauce – Tetra Recart®

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Organic Red Enchilada Sauce – Tetra Recart® Nutritional Info
Enchilada sauce is the boss when it comes to bringing authentic Mexican flavors to your next dish. Take a walk on the milder side with our authentic Red Enchilada Sauce made with organic tomatoes, roasted red bell peppers, and red jalapeños with notes of clove, cumin, and roasted chiles.
  • CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE This organic red enchilada sauce was produced in a facility that is certified for gluten-free production.
  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC No artificial coloring or preservatives.
  • VEGAN AND VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY Our mild red enchilada sauce is free from animal by-products.


water, organic tomato, organic roasted red pepper, organic garlic, organic onion, sea salt, organic ground yellow corn masa flour, trace of lime, organic cumin, organic apple cider vinegar, organic chili powder, organic red jalapeño pepper, citric acid, organic clove   [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]   Our Organic Red Enchilada Sauce is certified gluten-free and is now available in recyclable packaging! Our products in Tetra Recart ® offer a wide variety of benefits such as:
  • EASY OPEN AND RECLOSABLE PACKAGING No sharp edges. Our organic enchilada sauce made in Tetra Recart® packaging offers an easy and equipment-free solution to traditional canned sauces. Simply fold and tear - no can opener required.
  • MADE FROM RECYCLABLE MATERIALS. Tetra Recart® packaging is made with 70% renewable resources. Renewable resources are organic and natural resources that can replenish in due time compared to their usage. This occurs through biological reproduction or naturally recurring processes.
  • SPACE-SAVING Due to its compact nature, our Tetra Recart® enchilada sauces take up 30% less space on your shelf.

Enchilada sauce recipes

(substitute one can of enchilada sauce with one box of Tetra Recart®)

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Enchiladas with Jicama Slaw This insanely easy Enchilada recipe is a drop in the pan - literally! Ready in just 35 minutes.
Authentic Mexican Stuffed Peppers - La Preferida RecipeAuthentic Mexican Stuffed Peppers Whip up this one-pan wonder in under 90 min. Prepared items like canned Spanish rice and enchilada sauce slash prep time in half.

Mexican Lasagna - La Preferida Recipe

Mexican Lasagna Give this Italian classic a new twist with our Mexican Lasagna! Bold refried beans and enticing enchilada sauce bring a whole new spin to this pasta-less plate.


La Preferida is proud to be featuring our products in Tetra Recart® - the future of sustainable packaging.  As our company continues to evolve, we want to provide our customers with items that align with their lifestyles. Our mission will always remain to provide authentic Mexican ingredients you can trust.