La Preferida has been a family-owned and -operated company based in Chicago, IL for more than 65 years. It all began in the 1920s, amidst the booming economy of the stockyards, steel mills, and freight yards of Chicago. Recognizing the growing needs of the local Hispanic community in Chicago, our La Preferida family began producing the spicy sausage known as chorizo. In 1949, La Preferia introduced Chicago-land to their very first packaged chorizo, which quickly made its way into “bodegas” and supermarkets. Our brand of  chorizo was dubbed “la preferida” [the preferred] for its superior quality and taste.

Four generations later, our commitment to quality and variety continues to be supported by a strong customer loyalty in several of America’s major markets. Since 1949, we have expanded into a complete line of Mexican specialties that covers more than 250 products, ranging from traditional foods like salsas, peppers and beans to pastas, drink mixes, marinades and seasonings. To accommodate both Latino and Non-Latino consumers, bi-lingual packaging was introduced very early on in the company’s history and it continues to be a cornerstone today.

Our mission is simple: “To provide only the highest quality ingredients available while creating an authentic food experience.” We insure that every product, domestic and imported, meets all FDA regulations and strict food labeling standards, including gluten-free, low sodium, and kosher products.

As consumers became more health-conscious than ever, we expanded to a line of organic products of America’s favorite Mexican foods, including a variety of beans, legumes, rice, salsas, refried beans, and the only diced green chiles in the market. Focusing on healthier foods, we also introduced low-fat, vegetarian, and low sodium alternatives of some of our best-selling items.

From the very beginning, we have always been involved and supportive of Chicago-lands Latino community— it is a cornerstone of our everyday business. Our strong ties to the Hispanic community has helped make La Preferida the brand that it is today. Our commitment of delivering high quality Mexican specialties will convince you La Preferida is the name you can trust— from the company that knows what Mexican food is all about.