Family owned for more than 70 years

Our story begins in the 1920s, amidst the booming economy of Chicago’s stockyards, steel mills, and freight yards. Recognizing the growing needs of Chicago’s diverse community, our family opened a storefront with one simple mission: to help locals have an authentic food experience reminiscent of their tastes of home. Catering to the local European communities, our store served a variety of meats, cheeses, and baked goods.

Over the years, Chicago continued to diversify, with more immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries making the city their new home. Committed to our mission of helping locals retain their tastes of home, we began making chorizo. By 1940, chorizo had become a main staple in our store, acquiring the name “la preferida” by the community. In 1949, we introduced Chicago to its first producer of packaged chorizo — La Preferida.

Four generations later, La Preferida continues to honor a commitment to quality and variety. Since 1949, La Preferida has expanded into a complete line of authentic Mexican ingredients, covering more than 250 products. Generations of consumers have grown to know La Preferida as the brand they can trust.

Quality. Variety. Taste. Tradition.

La Preferida… it’s in our name!