A Legacy of Quality and Flavor for Over 75 Years 


A Journey of Generations

Our story begins in the early 1900s when Henry Steinbarth left his Bavarian homeland to seek a new life in the United States. Settling in Chicago, he faced numerous challenges as a young immigrant but persevered. In 1924, he established a meat market on the city’s southwest side, aiming to create products that reflected the quality and flavor of his European heritage, specializing in baked goods and hand-crafted sausages.

Embracing Diversity

As Chicago’s population diversified with immigrants from Latin America, Henry recognized an opportunity to cater to new customers. He crafted a Mexican sausage recipe known as Chorizo, earning a reputation as “La Preferida,” meaning “The Preferred,” within the Mexican community. Henry’s sons, Ralph and Billy, joined the business, selling Chorizo and other products from the family car. Alongside lifelong friend Frank O’Grady, they transformed the family store into a thriving food company.

The Birth of La Preferida

In 1949, the La Preferida brand was officially introduced to the market. Building on Henry’s vision, the three young entrepreneurs expanded their offerings. Today, La Preferida offers over 250 products, including canned beans, rice, hominy, olive oil, seasonings, salsas, refried beans, peppers, and more. Generations of consumers trust La Preferida as a symbol of quality and flavor.

Continuing the Tradition

Now in its fourth generation, our family remains committed to superior quality and flavor. Our mission is to deliver an authentic food experience in every product, just as Henry Alphonse Steinbarth envisioned 75 years ago. Join us on our journey as we continue to craft exceptional foods that stand the test of time.

Experience the taste of tradition!