3 Step Guide to Cinco de Mayo

Zesty Chipotle Hummus


Ready in just 15 minutes, this party staple is the perfect make-ahead dish. It holds up well in the fridge overnight. Plus, if guests arrive early, you’re prepared!

Cream of Coconut Ice Cream


This creamy dream requires ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS! It may have a daunting total cook time… but don’t worry, the freezer takes over most of the work — you’re only needed for a short 25 minutes! Oh, and before we forget, here’s a pro tip for you: take the ice cream out of the freezer 45 minutes before serving so it’s nice and soft!

Enchiladas with Jicama Slaw


We’d never suggest serving a dish that’s less than fresh, but you can get a head start on the jicama slaw. Dice all your veggies beforehand, then prep the beef and tortillas an hour before your guests arrive. Then, just throw the enchiladas in the oven! You can even prep the beef the night before… we won’t tell!

Chipotle Chicken Tinga Tostadas


Low and slow is the way to go! A quick 15 minute prep time in the morning, place in the crockpot, and after work you’ll have a flavorful feast awaiting you! Here’s a pro tip for you: make toppings ahead of time if you’re in a crunch.

Vegetarian Taquitos


Ever had a good, soggy taquito? No? We didn’t think so! That’s why this dish is best left for last. Take a little extra time to crisp the tortillas and your guests will thank you! Pro tip: skip the Spanish rice for a quicker turnaround time. Besides… it’s a Cinco de Mayo fiesta and finger food will be king!