Spring Recipes That Save Money

Wheat Berry & Avocado Salad


If light, healthy, and refreshing is what you’re looking for, look no further than this Wheat Berry and Avocado Salad! Super simple to make, this salad features avocado, celery, cauliflower, garlic, and onions!

Vegetarian Taquitos


Taco Night just got a whole lot healthier — and tastier! These vegetarian taquitos, stuffed with shredded brussels sprouts and sliced mushrooms will be all the rage at your next Taco Night.

Scallop Citrus Salad


Nothing says springtime is here like a citrus salad, and this Scallop Citrus Salad is no exception! Featuring avocado, beets, and cauliflower, this salad will have your family springing of excitement for a second serving!

Piña Colada Rice Pudding


If you like piña coladas and you like rice pudding, then let us tell you… you’re going to love our Piña Colada Rice Pudding! This creamy, sweet, tangy and delicious treat features an all-time favorite fruit — pineapple!