It’s Margarita Time!

Fajita-style Grilled Wings


You can never go wrong with wings, they just seem to be a party favorite, especially when prepared with our unique Mojo Marinade! They’re sure to liven up any fiesta! Don’t have a grill? Don’t sweat it, you can prepare these wings in the oven!


Super Nacho Platter


A super fiesta requires a super-sized appetizer, like our Super Nacho Platter! The best thing about this dish is the clean up… there likely won’t be one, since your guests are probably going to lick the plate clean!

Carne Asada Tapas


Elevate your food style with these Carne Asada Tapas! Though super simple to make, these little bites will impress anyone invited to the fiesta — and they’re not just for show, they taste great too!


Mini Chiles Rellenos


These miniature bites pack big flavor! Their small size make them perfect finger food to curb your growling stomach. Serve them as an appetizer or make them the all-time party favorite!