National Nutrition Month

Dial Down the Diary


We know what you’re thinking… YIKES! But deliciousness aside, cheese packs quite the caloric punch! A 1 oz. serving of cheese averages around 80-100 calories, so you may want to think twice before you bite! Get your creamy fix with our Hummoly Guacamole! This creamy combination of hummus and guac is the perfect, healthy substitute for a serving of cream cheese or cheese dip!

Bake What Your Mama Gave Ya!


Avoiding fried foods seems like a no-brainer, but when those crispy cravings come calling, you can be prepared with this irresistible alternative — our Turkey-stuffed Poblano Peppers!

Rethink the Refried


It’s hard to think of Mexican food without the beloved refried beans. Luckily, with La Preferida, you don’t have to! Substitute our flavored and other refried beans with our Vegetarian Refried Beans or Low-Fat Refried Black Beans! Both of these options boast 1 gram or less of fat, and offer 6 grams or more of fiber! Another no-brainer? We think so!

Get Veggie With It!


Going meatless sounds like a drag, but veggie dishes are a great way to sneak in some extra vitamins. These simple Vegetable Kabobs are a super simple, super tasty way to get a vitamin boost — and you can make them in less than 30 minutes!

Marinate on this…


Butter pairs well with just about everything, but it packs some sneaky tricks up its sleeve — like hundreds of calories and more than 12 grams of fat PER TABLESPOON! Marinades offer a quick, convenient way to impart an explosion of flavor for a fraction of the fat. All you have to do is toss your protein or veggies with our Naranja Agria, Mojo, or Fajita Marinades and watch the magic unfold!

Gobble up Some Turkey!


A simple swap of turkey for beef can save you a few dollars at the store each month and diversify your cooking options! Depending on the lean-to-fat ratio you choose to pick up at the store, turkey can be pretty comparable to beef — but turkey tends to be cheaper and less oily! A win-win situation, if you ask us!

Try the swap tonight with some turkey tacos, a turkey burger, or our favorite — Turkey Meatballs with Arroz Verde!