Spanish Rice, Box

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“No joke, if you’re looking for the best Spanish Rice in a box, this is it. The seasoning is about as perfect as you could ask for, and as long as you follow the easy direction to a T, your rice will come out better than what most Mexican restaurants are capable of serving. I like to make a box of this, and use it in burritos. Good stuff!” – Dako T.

Creating authentic Mexican cuisine at home is no longer a chore thanks to our 15-minute boxed Spanish rice. Just add water, boil, and let simmer. Chunks of red and green bell pepper add texture and subtle layers of flavor to this household staple. Try this quick-cook “arroz” as a savory side dish to fish or steak. Or make it the star of your evening with our vegetarian Mushroom and Brussels Sprouts Taquitos and Turkey Meatballs with Arroz Verde.