Mexican Layered Bean Dip

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 35 min
Servings: 8-10

This game-day dish packs a healthy twist - kale and greek yogurt! Slash a few calories without compromising flavor. Guests will never guess it's packing a secret serving of greens.



Warm refried black beans in a large pan and add water to create a thinner consistency. Remove pan from heat and allow to cool (approx 15 mins). In a bowl, mix together Avocado Tomatillo Salsa, Taco Seasoning, and greek yogurt. Add kale and queso fresco and set aside. 

Spread the cooled beans evenly into a dish or container for the first layer. Follow with Avocado dip for the next layer. Take ½ cup of queso fresco and place over ⅓  section of the dish. Pour pico de gallo into the middle ⅓ section of the dish, followed by black olives on the last ⅓. Should resemble stripes of a flag.

Refrigerate for 20 minutes and add optional cilantro for garnish. 

NOTE: Refried Beans should be cooked in a pan, not a pot, so they will cool down more quickly.

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