Organic Taco Seasoning

Nutritional Info

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We gave our traditional taco seasoning a reboot with all-natural ingredients. Taste the difference and tell us what you think! Our Organic Taco Seasoning delivers a depth of flavor unparalleled to current market products. We use only the finest organic ingredients and spices for authentic Mexican flavors.

  • No MSG or artificial preservatives
  • 0 added sugars
  • 15 calories per serving

Uses: Quick seasoning for ground beef or use as a dry rub. Mix with yogurt or nacho cheese for a quick dip. Sprinkle on snacks like popcorn or roasted chick peas.




Ingredients: *cumin, *onion powder, *chili pepper, *paprika, *garlic powder, sea salt, *corn starch, *oregano, *black pepper, citric acid      *=organic