Diced Green Chiles, Mild

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Diced Green Chiles, Mild Nutritional Info
“La Preferida Diced Green Chiles are mild but very flavorful. I love the flavor without the heat!” – Dave, New York

From seafood to steak, salads, soups, pizza, and more… our gluten-free Diced Green Chiles in a can are the cooking companion you never knew you were missing! With a mild and subtle flavor, our roasted and peeled green chiles add a rustic touch to any dish like our Enchilada with Jicama Slaw recipe. If you can name it, you can put a DGC on it.

Hatch green chiles are a variety of chiles native to the Hatch Valley Region in New Mexico. They are grown from August to September (a short growing season), which is the only time to get them fresh. The rest of the year they are roasted and then frozen or canned.

Roasted green chiles are commonly used in Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, chiles rellenos, chili verde, chilaquiles, and even guacamole. Their mild flavor makes them ideal for a variety of dishes. Because of their slight acidity, they pair well with rich or cheese-based dishes to balance them out.

    Organic green chile peppers, water, sea salt, citric acid.
    Our organic green chiles add a rustic touch to any dish including salads, soups, eggs, pizza, enchiladas, and more! Mix with nacho cheese for an easy dip.
    No animal products are used in our diced green chiles.
    Our cans are made with BPA-free lining.


  • Add to gravy or creamy sauces for a hint of tang and acidity.
  • Mix with queso or hummus for a quick and easy party dip or appetizer.
  • Mix with eggs, omelets, quiches, and breakfast burritos for a pop of flavor.
  • Add to soups, stews, and chiles for a mild roasted taste.


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green chile peppers, water, salt, citric acid, calcium chloride