Organic Mild Jalapeño Nacho Slices

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Organic Mild Jalapeño Nacho Slices Nutritional Info

“This was my second order of Organic Mild Jalapeños! 

I love them! I really like spicy but these are not at all…just flavorful. I will be ordering again.” – Gilbert R.

Love jalapeños but hate the heat? You’re in luck – Our organic Mild Jalapeño Slices are deseeded so you can enjoy the mild, aromatic flavors of this pickled pepper without tingling your tastebuds.

Jalapeños are native to Mexico. But they are also grown in New Mexico and Texas where the weather conditions are ideal. The heat of the jalapeño can vary from crop to crop which is why products that contain jalapeños might have a slightly different heat variance in each batch.

While relatively low on the heat scale, you can tame the fiery flavor of a fresh pepper – just remove the seeds. Roasting, pickling, and baking the pepper will also help.

Our jalapeño nacho slices have a variety of uses outside of meal toppings and Mexican food dishes. Try dicing and adding to salad dressings and salsas for a briny, tangy flavor. Mix pickled jalapeño with richer sauces like mayonnaise-based dressings for tartness or place on top of pizza. Even add a jalapeño slice as a garnish for a Spicy Margarita.

    No artificial colors, preservatives, or added sugar. Kosher.
    Our jalapeño slices are made with seedless peppers to ensure that you get the flavor of your favorite pepper without the heat.
    Jalapeño peppers add a subtle tang to salads, nachos, burrito bowls, and more. Just slice or dice ’em and you’re on your way.
    It’s hard to believe four little ingredients like organic jalapeño peppers, water, organic vinegar, and salt combine to create such a flavorful taste.
    Free from animal products.


  • Add to soups and stews for a mild yet tangy taste.
  • Dice and blend into creamy dips and spreads such as aioli, queso dip, or hummus.
  • Mix into egg dishes such as scrambled eggs, breakfast tacos, and quiches.
  • Add to bread dough or batter like a jalapeño cheddar cornbread recipe.
  • Use as a garnish for cocktails like a spicy mojito or margarita.


We take pride in creating Mexican recipes with a modern twist. Our goal is to create dishes that are delicious, affordable, and authentic.

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organic jalapeño peppers, water, organic vinegar, sea salt




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