Vegetarian Refried Beans

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Vegetarian Refried Beans Nutritional Info

Yes, Refried Beans Can Be Vegan/ Vegetarian!

Enjoy the Mexican meals you love without compromising on flavor. Our vegetarian refried beans are low in fat and contain NO lard or preservatives.

These versatile frijoles make a great bean dip or spread for vegan tacos or tostadas. Just heat and serve! The best part is that they contain just four simple ingredients:

  • precooked pinto beans
  • Water
  • Salt 
  • Soybean oil

Plus, our cans are made with BPA-free lining. When you purchase La Preferida Vegetarian Refried beans, you’re getting more than a 16oz can of beans. You’re getting a product that supports your lifestyle. 

Refried beans with no lard? Soybean oil is the key…

Traditional refried beans rely on lard to provide a rich flavor, but soybean oil provides a plant-based alternative. Lard is pig fat that has been rendered. Rendering evaporates the moisture from the fat to make it shelf-stable. 

Soybean oil contains less saturated fat and calories than lard. It also provides the same smooth texture and flavor to our beans.